How will I know how busy the facility is?

We will have a live capacity counter linked to our website. Use this as a reference to judge your timing.


Why am I limited to 3 sessions per week?
We want as many members as possible to get the chance to climb. With our capacity limitation, we’re significantly limited in how many people can come through our doors in a given week. Limiting the number of sessions is an effort to give more people the opportunity to climb.


When is the best time to come climb?
Avoiding peak times will be best to help decrease line up potential. Plan to climb OUTSIDE of 6pm-8pm weekdays and 11am-2pm on weekends.


I am not a member, can I sign up?
You may sign up for your new Membership at the start of Phase 3 of our re-opening, currently anticipated to begin June 22, 2020 (this date is subject to change)


What does a session look like for me as a climber?

    • Upon arrival you may need to line up outside the facility, follow signage & staff guidance, respect physical distancing.
    • Staff will check-in all guests as quickly and efficiently as possible; please be patient
    • You will receive a sticker when after you check in with a time set two hours from arrival, please respect that time.
    • You’ll want to be ready to climb on arrival, as change rooms are not open. You can store your few items in cubbies where available.
    • Expect more space between climbs, and some awkwardness as we learn to keep 2m distance in a climbing environment. It’s important to remember everyone has different levels of (dis)comfort with these new conditions; please be patient and communicate kindly. 


Who can climb in Phase 1?

ONLY Members with valid memberships — prepaid or ongoing monthly (EFT) memberships in good standing. If you have no prepaid or ongoing monthly membership set up on your account, you will have to wait for a later phase. Member Guest Passes are NOT usable to bring anyone with you during Phase 1.

If you had an active prepaid or EFT membership on March 16 then you are eligible for phase 1 of the re-opening. 

Youth members may climb alone IF they are 13+ and have received appropriate Grip It Certifications. The reason for this is that requiring a supervisor reduces our climber capacity.

By default all memberships will remain frozen at this time. We will continue to update members via email and social media, please keep an eye on your inbox (and spam folder).

Who can climb in Phase 2?

Members (prepaid or ongoing monthly (EFT) memberships  in good standing), and Punch Pass Holders — that is, those with existing punches on their account from a) prior to COVID closure or b) punches purchased in the Support Sale while we were closed. Youth members may climb alone IF they are 13+ and have received appropriate Grip It Certifications. The reason for this is that requiring a supervisor reduces our climber capacity.

What about families who want to climb together?

In Phase 1 as we test all of the new measure in place, we are asking that everyone coming to Boulder will be climbing as an “individual” those coming to climb ropes may come as a pair.

Parents/families: if you absolutely cannot climb without your family together at the same time, please email us and we will do our best to get you in together. All climbers must be members.

What about couples, pods & families who want to book & climb together?

In Phase 1 as we test all of the new measure in place, we are expecting Top Rope climbers to come as a pair and only climb with that other individual, but while bouldering please climb as an individual. We are aiming to allow small COVID-pods and families by phase 3.

Do I need to pay to climb?

No payment is required to climb during Phase 1. This is a thank you to members for their patience as we try out the live capacity system and work out the final details of ‘the new normal’. Please stay tuned for more details around Phase 2 and beyond.

What if I show up and the gym is full?

Unfortunately with the necessary capacity limitations, this is a real possibility. However we will be encouraging everyone to climb for only 2 hours so after a few hours of operation people will be done climbing, opening up a spot for the next in line.

What happens if I or someone I've been in contact with develops COVID-19 Symptoms?

Please inform a Manager or Customer Service staff member as soon as possible so that we can enact contact tracing protocols to reduce potential spread of the virus.

What protective measures is Grip It putting in place?

There are quite a few measures being put in place by Grip It Climbing including but not limited to capacity management and physical distancing strategies, distance markers, cashless transactions, cough shields, various PPE, and enhanced cleaning regimes.

What modifications is Grip It making to the facilities?

Grip It will be testing the following modifications: climbing zones clearly demarcated, closing change rooms, decommissioning water-fountains, creating line-up areas that maintain physical distance, lots of new signage on a variety of subjects, and additional hand sanitizing stations. The biggest change is the Capacity Management strategy, which will reduce the number of people in the facility, and will change customer flow significantly.

Will it be mandatory to wear masks in the gym?

Mask will not be mandatory, but are highly recommended. At this time, we believe it is best for our community and our staff to be wearing non-medical masks or face coverings to help stop the spread of droplets within the facility.  This will provide a physical barrier between the climber’s exhalation and the climbing holds, helping to reduce direct spread through droplets which might occur while climbing. Masks, worn properly, may provide an added layer of protection in case physical distancing is compromised (eg: during first aid, or by accidental proximity). It is important to wash your hands properly before touching your face, even to adjust your mask. We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the proper use of masks, and their limitations, prior to coming in for your session.

What qualifies as a mask?

A mask or face covering must cover your mouth and nose sufficiently to provide a physical barrier between the climber’s exhalation and the climbing holds, fitness equipment, and other shared surfaces.

Grip It Climbing will have limited supplies of non medical masks available for purchase should you be unable to procure one for your session.

What if I want to drink or eat while I’m in the facility?

We understand that it may not be possible to keep your mask on for the entirety of your session, and that it may be necessary to adjust your mask multiple times while in the facility.   We ask that you take the risks of COVID 19 very seriously:  it is vital to recognize that touching your face while adjusting your mask increases the risk of transferring particles from your hands into your system.   Please use care and caution when doing so, and it is critical to wash and sanitize your hands prior to adjusting your mask in order to take a drink of water, or have a snack, and it is equally important to wash your hands, and don your mask again, before you return to climbing.

Please be aware of increased risk in touching your mask/face; if you need to remove your mask to take a sip of water or eat a granola bar, for example, please make sure you wash your hands before and after, and maintain physical distance, promptly donning your mask again in proper fashion.

Will Grip It be screening visitors?

Visitors will be asked upon entry to attest to their health as to whether they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID 19; at this time, we will not be taking temperatures. Grip It Climbing reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who is exhibiting or experiencing symptoms.  If you’re feeling ill, please don’t come to Grip It.

What if I'm not comfortable returning to climbing at this time?

We understand that there are still varying levels of anxiety and concern around COVID 19.   If you are not feeling comfortable climbing even with the steps Grip It is taking to protect our staff and our community, you have the choice not to climb with us at this time. Existing memberships will remain frozen throughout Phases 1. More information regarding membership freezes will be available prior to Phase 2.

What should I know about sharing climbing holds on the wall?

The climbing gym industry, at Provincial, National and International levels, all agree that the best way to keep our climbing holds free from COVID 19 is to ensure proper personal hygiene occurs before climbing, several times during climbing sessions, and throughout the facility as a whole.  We will begin by washing our hands upon entering the facility, and we will recommend wearing masks while climbing to reduce the likelihood of transferring droplets from our mouths directly onto the holds.  Ensuring that everyone washes their hands immediately after climbing should effectively stop any transfer from the holds (should there be any trace particles on them) to one’s system.  If we do all of these steps well, combined with the other preventative measures (such as staying home if sick, and maintaining physical distance), we believe the risks will remain low.

Will youth programs be running?

We will not be bringing back youth rec for the end of the Spring term. We are planning on modified Summer Camp programs with reduced numbers, additional outdoor time, added supervision, and alternate activities.   We are also hoping to run some modified Grippies and Competitive team programs over the summer to ensure these athletes have an outlet and the opportunity to continue training. Fall programs will likely need to be modified and it may not be possible to return to full operations until a vaccine is available, and large gatherings are once again permitted.

Will there be any courses available? 

Not at this time, under current restrictions. We are discussing small group training such as reduced numbers for belay lessons.