How will I know how busy the facility is?

We will have a live capacity counter linked to our website. Use this as a reference to judge your timing.



When is the best time to come climb?
Avoiding peak times will be best to help decrease line up potential. Plan to climb OUTSIDE of 5pm-9pm weekdays and 11am-4pm on weekends.



What protective measures is Grip It putting in place?

There are quite a few measures being put in place by Grip It Climbing including but not limited to cough shields, various PPE, and enhanced cleaning regimes.

What modifications is Grip It making to the facilities?

Grip It will be testing the following modifications: decommissioning water-fountains, and additional hand sanitizing stations. 

Will it be mandatory to wear masks in the gym?

As of March 16th Mask will only be mandatory Weekdays 5pm-10pm and Weekends 10am-4pm. All other times masks will be encouraged but not mandatory.

What qualifies as a mask?

A mask or face covering must cover your mouth and nose sufficiently to provide a physical barrier between the climber’s exhalation and the climbing holds, fitness equipment, and other shared surfaces.

Grip It Climbing will have limited supplies of non medical masks available for purchase should you be unable to procure one for your session.

What if I want to drink or eat while I’m in the facility?

We understand that it may not be possible to keep your mask on for the entirety of your session, and that it may be necessary to adjust your mask multiple times while in the facility.   We ask that you take the risks of COVID 19 very seriously:  it is vital to recognize that touching your face while adjusting your mask increases the risk of transferring particles from your hands into your system.   Please use care and caution when doing so, and it is critical to wash and sanitize your hands prior to adjusting your mask in order to take a drink of water, or have a snack, and it is equally important to wash your hands, and don your mask again, before you return to climbing.

Please be aware of increased risk in touching your mask/face; if you need to remove your mask to take a sip of water or eat a granola bar, for example, please make sure you wash your hands before and after, and maintain physical distance, promptly donning your mask again in proper fashion.

What if I'm not comfortable returning to climbing at this time?

We understand that there are still varying levels of anxiety and concern around COVID 19.   If you are not feeling comfortable climbing even with the steps Grip It is taking to protect our staff and our community, you have the choice not to climb with us at this time. Existing memberships will remain frozen throughout Phases 1. More information regarding membership freezes will be available prior to Phase 2.

What should I know about sharing climbing holds on the wall?

The climbing gym industry, at Provincial, National and International levels, all agree that the best way to keep our climbing holds free from COVID 19 is to ensure proper personal hygiene occurs before climbing, several times during climbing sessions, and throughout the facility as a whole.  We will begin by washing our hands upon entering the facility, and we will recommend wearing masks while climbing to reduce the likelihood of transferring droplets from our mouths directly onto the holds.  Ensuring that everyone washes their hands immediately after climbing should effectively stop any transfer from the holds (should there be any trace particles on them) to one’s system.  If we do all of these steps well, combined with the other preventative measures (such as staying home if sick, and maintaining physical distance), the risks will remain low.