How To Get Started


Everything you need to know! 


Our friendly staff will walk you through the process of getting set up for your first visit. Our orientation consists of gear sizing and education, a facility tour and instruction on how to properly use the auto belays and bouldering room. Even if it’s not your first time climbing, staff are always happy to coach you through a project and cheer you on! 



What can I expect? Is climbing for me? 

Climbing is a unique sport that is accessible to everyone! You can expect to work hard, and have fun while doing so! At Grip It our route setting team does an excellent job of creating a wide variety of styles and levels of difficulties for you to try. Routes get changed on a weekly basis and always offer something new to try.


Try the autobelays as you scale our 50’ routes, or if you don’t want to try the heights, you can climb our 8’ walls and hop down onto our padded landing area. No partner necessary! We have a great community of members that will be psyched to help you figure out the moves. 


Regardless of your level of fitness or comfort, Grip It will have a climb or a friendly face that is just right for you. 

If you are looking for more, check out our Top Rope Belay Course or Lead Belay Course to take your game to the next level. 



What pass should I get?

We have several different options that are great for new climbers. Our goal is to get everyone in the gym and comfortable with their experience.  We offer a First Timer Package for $36.00. This pass is a 2 week membership that includes gear rental and gives you all the member perks! With this package you can come as many times as you would like in the span of 14 days from purchase. This package is only accessible to those who have never been to Grip It before. 

Other pass options include; a Drop In Day Pass ($18), and a Rental Gear Package($10). A Drop In Day Pass allows participants to come and go throughout the day as many times as they need. It is valid during open hours on the day of purchase. 

We also offer a 10 Punch Pass option!  Gear rental can be included as needed. Punches can be shared with up to 3 people in a day and may not be used for large groups.  ($156.00 before tax without rental gear, $250.00 before tax includes rental gear).


What should I bring?

We provide all gear necessary for climbing! A gear rental package includes climbing shoes, a harness and a chalk bag. We recommend you bring a water bottle, clothing you can move in and a learning attitude. 


While preparing for your trip to grip it, you can fill out our online waiver to speed up the check in process. 


How will I know how busy the facility is?

We will have a live capacity counter linked to our website. Use this as a reference to judge your timing.



When is the best time to come climb?
Our busiest times are Tuesday and Thursday evening, as well as Saturdays. If you are looking for a quieter experience, an afternoon climb between 10am and 3pm is recommended. 



Is it friendly for children? 

Grip It welcomes all age groups, however children under 30lbs will be too small for our autobelays. Additionally, kids 7 and older seem to have the best experience and understanding of the climbing spaces. We ask that children 7 and under are directly supervised by a guardian and attend the gym and a 1:1 ratio.


Looking for more instruction?

Check out our Technique with Jay class and follow our socials for details on upcoming clinics! 



Still have questions?

Send us an email!