September 15th Masks will be Mandatory 


It's time to climb!

Dear Climbers,

After much consideration and discussion with gyms across Canada, in alignment with guidelines from our federal and provincial health authorities, we are excited to see folks climbing with us again. 

We are enacting a phased re-opening with restricted capacity, using a live people count linked on our website to aid climbing time decision making. 

Re-opening Phases: who can climb, when?

The following timeline is subject to change following the assessment of our system and pending any changes in local regulations.


Phase 1 | June 8th - June 13th: Complete


Phase 2 | June 15th - June 18th: Complete 


Phase 3 | COVID-Prevention Standard: June 19th - Onwards 

Public Access - COVID-Prevention Standard Operations



Re-opening in the time of COVID-19


Risk Management & COVID-19 Prevention Planning


Please carefully read through the information on our website and if you have any unanswered questions after reading the FAQ, you can reach us through our socials or email.


Key Changes

Please read through the information on our website regarding the questions you may have on the following points


  • Reduced Capacity
  • (26 people or less based on physical distancing)
  • Live Capacity Count Linked to website
  • Extensive cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day
  • Change rooms are closed - arrive ready to climb
  • Minimal storage available, leave valuables at home 
  • Masks/face coverings (nose and mouth) are required
  • Liquid Chalk use highly recommended, (we can teach you how to make your own) or you may purchase some from us
  • Staff specific COVID-Prevention policies, equipment, & PPE to protect our team and you
  • 1:1 Parent to Child Ratio for kids under 10. All entrants must be current pass holders or paid Drop Ins. No spectators at this time



Our four main areas of risk mitigation 

1.       Capacity management

  1. Limited capacity (26 people at any time) We will not have a reservation system to start but may implement one as the weeks follow, if members are finding it difficult to get climbing time.
  2. We are encouraging guests to limit their climbs to a maximum time of 2 hours to allow other access to the facility.
  3. There will be area specific capacities within the facility (ie. 7 in the training area).
  4. While our capacity is limited, we are not able to offer free access to spectators or parents of climbers.
  5. During the peak of this crisis we will require a 1:1 ration of kids under 10 to adult supervisor. Infants (in a car seat or carrier will not count against our capacity and will be free of charge).
  6. Youth (10-18) are welcome with registration / payment but are expected to adhere to the guidelines within the facility to ensure everyone’s safety and minimize risk associated with COVID-19


2.       Occupancy flow

  1. We ask that all guests always maintain correct social distancing.
  2. We ask that guests stagger their access to the facility to allow for social distancing during admission.
  3. We will be minimizing seating areas throughout the facility.
  4. Please come dressed and ready to climb. There is no access to the change rooms.
  5. All personal items will remain in cubbies at all times. No water bottles will be permitted in public space.
  6. You will be required to check in and out for all climbing sessions at the front desk. This will allow us to track any possible COVID-19 outbreaks.


3.       Hygiene and sanitation

  1. Staff will be upholding a new standard of hygiene and sanitation through regular cleaning of high touch areas.
  2. We will not be sanitizing climbing holds as this is logistically not possible. Instead we will ask that the climber sanitizes their hands before climbing and frequently throughout their session.
  3. There will only be access to the water bottle filler. The water fountain will not be in use.
  4. You will be required to sanitize before entering the facility, a
  5. There will be no public tape available.
  6. We require guests to wear masks at this time. Personal masks are also permitted.

4.       Communication and education

  1. We have posted signs throughout the facility indicating recommended behaviours and practices.
  2. We will collaborate with the Saskatchewan Health Authority in the event of an outbreak.
  3. We will have staff encouraging social distancing throughout the facility.
  4. We will also be using modalities such as email and social media to keep our members in the loop

 Our community means everything to us, if you have any questions regarding the new norm, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can send us an email, DM us on instagram or call us, we will be here to help.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.