COVID-19 Updates


We all need a little help sometimes…

To our dear community,

Thank you, first off, for your patience and encouragement as we navigate the unprecedented and rapidly changing COVID-19 global crisis: we deeply appreciate the many compassionate messages we have received. Many members have been in touch offering to help and we are deeply moved. 

Grip It Climbing is proud to be a locally owned and operated small business. With over 15 employees, the impact of our recent closure has been devastating. Despite the potential of future government support, we have had to take the necessary and unfortunate step of temporarily laying off nearly our entire staff team. While a skeleton crew remains in place to manage the operations and prepare for our reopening when this health crisis has passed, at the moment we have no idea how long it will take for Saskatchewan, Canada, and the world to get back on track; this is all uncharted territory. While our small crew can only be sustained for so long, you should know we are doing everything possible to survive.      

We also appreciate that many folks have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling right now.  As such, below is need-to-know active member information to put your minds at ease. For those who have reached out with offers of support, thank you: we have more information on those options below. We are also working on ways to pay forward any support we may receive once we’re up and running, as we know there will be lasting effects for many in our community when we can safely climb together again.   


WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MY MEMBERSHIP WHILE YOU’RE CLOSED?                                              

Prepaid Members:

By default, all prepaid memberships (including First Time Package Members, Student 8 Month, 1-Month, Three Month, Annual memberships) will be frozen at no cost until further notice. The freeze will be backdated to Tuesday March 17, 2020.

Active Members interested in supporting us by purchasing added membership can certainly do so:  this will top up your account, adding time onto the end of your membership once we can return to the gym! This is deeply appreciated as you already contribute so much to our community.

EFT (Ongoing Monthly) Members

Freeze Now (DEFAULT) 

By default, all EFT memberships will be frozen at no cost until further notice. A credit for unused days in March* will be applied to your account.

*(03/17-03/31st inclusive)

Freezing Now and want to Support Grip It Climbing? Gift Cards are always an option and can be applied to your membership, snacks, or retail in the future! 

Opt-In to billing (CLICK HERE)

Ongoing Monthly Members who are willing and able to support us at this time may choose to OPT-IN to billing by filling out this form. You may change your request at any time if you wish to freeze later by using the same form if we are still closed and your situation has changed.


To keep the roof over our holds while we are closed, we are running an online pre-sale of various Grip It products at 25% off. We know this comes at an inopportune time, and there is no obligation to help. We want you to look after yourself and each other first and foremost. If you are able to support us, we are eternally grateful. With your help we are confident that we will come back strong, and when we do, we’ll be thrilled to climb with you!


Pre-Sale of Prepaid Memberships: 25% off Prepaid Annual and One-Month Memberships

EFT (Ongoing Monthly) Membership Sale 

No 12 month Cancelation Fee obligations*

In order to redeem this offer, you will pay for your first month at the time of sign up. This amount will be credited to your account upon re-opening.

Punch Pass Sale: 25% off 10 punch passes

Gift Cards: These come in any denomination and are good to use towards future memberships, snacks, and retail in the gyms.

All proceeds from this COVID-19 Support Sale will go directly to help sustain us during this closure. Your generosity during these difficult times means the world to us.  

Thank you.